Body to Body Massage

Body Massage a very intimate experience

Body to Body Massage is a very intimate experience and more people like it very much.
We offers a sensual massages of your whole body. During the
Body to Body Massage we use a hot massage emulsion – this pleasantly underlines every touch and brings you to the very heights of pleasure!

You can imagine a very gentle massage that will not miss any part of your body – even the smallest piece of your skin will not be left unattended. It starts like a classic relaxing massage but it has several significant differences.

The masseuse is completely naked during the massage and she uses her hands and her whole body for the massage. You can enjoy the sensual touches of her butt, breasts and legs or hands. The body to body technique encourages eroticism and creates a sensual and an exciting atmosphere.

Like a never-ending waterfall of excitement that is full of all your senses, like a violent tidal wave of passion and sensuality that swept away with all its negation, physical tension and mental stress after its powerful impact-such is the power of Body to Body Massage.

Reservation is required

We are open 7 days a week from 11.00 AM to 11.30 PM