Woman Massage

Massage for Woman in Rome

Erotic Massage for Woman an unusual experience full of excitement and gentle touches.

What can be more enjoyable than an experienced masseuse who will know exactly where to point her touches to bring you to the very peak of delight!

Erotic Massage for Woman takes place in a pleasant atmosphere – in a cozy room which is decorated with fragrant sticks. This will give you a perfect background. Friendly and nice masseuse will take care of you. There will be also relaxing music playing – it will help you to relax.

An experienced masseuse will take care of your entire body during the massage. She will overwhelm you with gentle and kind touches – but she knows exactly where to touch you to awake hidden passion and excitement! Gentle grinding on your neck and shoulders and gentle stroking is the part of the massage. Masseuse will pay attention to your whole body. Masseuses use a gentle warming oil and so that every their touch is sensual.

Every woman loves to be pampered with full body massage

She secretly desires for gentle touches and attention that will allow her to put all the worries behind and fully indulge in the present moment. Unfortunately women do not always have luck for partner who can give them as much care as they deserve. The goal of the erotic massage for women is to awake new energy. You will find out what your body can give to you!

Massage of intimate parties is the part of erotic massage for women. It is called very pleasant. Woman knows where to touch and turn you up! You can look forward to a gentle nipple massage and a whole breast. If you are interested and if you want to try kind of an experience you can also satisfy our masseuse. You will know how does it feel to touch another woman’s body which is delicate and so sensitive!

The massage can be completed with a pleasant shower where you can freely feel the feelings and impressions of your previous experience.

Reservation is required

We are open 7 days a week from 11.00 AM to 11.30 PM